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General Academic Information

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Objectives of the Màster

The  Master provides knokledge from the practical and theoretical point of view of the conception, design and implementation of electronic and automatic systems and for the automation of manufacturing processes, with special emphasis in the analysis, design, control and automated management to increase performances, production, competitiveness and quality, optimising energetic, environmental and human resources.

The learning process is the master is based, whenever it was possible, in projects. Projects that are generally from the activities of research and technology transfer that is developed by the different research groups linked to the Schools where the Master is taught (Technical School of Industrial and Aeronautical Engineerings of Terrassa (ETSEIAT) and Polytechnical School of Engineering of Vilanova and the Geltrú (EPSEVG) (TIEG, MCIA, SACK,LABSON, DONLL, TN, SARTI, CETpD, INSIDE, SEPIC, GAECE).


Aims of the Specialities


The aim of the speciality in Advanced Automated Production Technologies is the formation of a technician in the field of automation and control so that it can integrate the management of the company with the integration of the production processes (design, engineering and manufacture) and develop his professional life in any level of the CIM pyramid (Computer Integrated manufacturing).

The aim of the speciality in Optimum Management of the Electrical Energy is the formation of a technician in the field of the management of the electrical energy, with special emphasis in the integration of energy sources using power converters, in the communication and electronic systems of diagnostic and security applied to the generation, distribution and storage of electrical energy. This speciality deepens in the study of different control and management of the demand and the stability of the networks with a high penetration of renewable energies (“***Smart ***Grids”). It includes also the study of electrical systems of electrical and hybrid traction that foresees that they will integrate in an immediate future to the electrical network (electrical vehicles and urban transport), and the technology for the implementation of controllers.


Reasons to perform the Master


The master will generated a highly qualified professional, in the field of the automation and industrial electronics that can give answer to the demand of all these industrial sectors.

In his simpler shape, a system of automatic control is a device in which a quantity measured uses to modify the behavior of a system through analysis. From this point of view, the automatic control is a critical and fundamental technology for the development of an increasingly oriented IT society more knowledge based.


The Industrial Electronics is the branch of the Electronic Engineering that occupies of the study of the devices and electronic systems allocated to control any type of industrial automatism. Basically it achieves the study of the sensors, the adapters of signals and the power electronics to control any type of drives (electrical , mechanical).

Prices to be published in the Catalan Government website. According to this year prices the taxes for Spanish students is around 3000€ the whole masther.


To who is addressed?


This master is suitable for graduated engineers in any industrial areas interested in the production technologies ,advanced automated systems and systems related with  efficient conversion and energy management.

General information about the studies


Academic Coordinator: Jasmina Casals- Vicedeputy of Research
Type of degree: Official University Masther

Master Admission requirements:
In accordance with Article 16 of Royal Decree 1393/2007 of 29 October which establish the organization of university officials, amended by Royal Decree 861/2010, can access to these official master the students who fulfil the legal requirements to access into the college and fulfil the current regulations and their admission to these courses in accordance with Article 17 of Decree mentioned above.
The students should have a Bachelors or equivalent.


Duration and workload: 1,5 years, 90 credits ECTS (60 credits ECTS/academic year)


- Of Monday to Wednesday of 16:00 to 21:00.
-Thursday of 15:00 to 21:00.

Price: Prices to be published in the Catalan Government website. According to this year prices the taxes for Spanish students is around 3000€ the whole masther.

Career opportunities


After finishing the masther, the students can work as CEO of product  automated product plants or energy plants, Thecnical engineers in different departments: production, mantaneince, planning or Technical consultors in  areas of production, IT or management of the energetic supply.